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The doodlebug has been used for over 50 years and has proven to be a fine surf lure.
The secret of it's success lies in the density of the balsa wood, (a fast growing weed
from South America) and the angle of the bug which determine how the bug moves
submerged in moving water
Two 1/0 hooks are used connected together, 40# clear mono is attached directly to the
front hook
No loops are tied in the 45 inches of 40# Ande premium clear monofilament line,
we have learned most tournament fishermen prefer to tie their own knots and adjust leader
length to suit conditions at the time.

A strip of cut bait must be attached in a fashion that ensures the bait will lie flat and
extend at least an inch beyond the trailer hook. Most fishermen use 2 doodlebugs on a bottom
rig, connect it to a barrel swivel, then adjust leader to suit conditions.
(Directions for rigging are included in each package)

When rigged properly the doodlebug will float off the bottom and perform an
undulating rhythm while suspended in moving water



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